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This course will describe the process of uploading laboratory assignments for those of Dr. Gustafson's classes that have students upload them to Sakai.


Lab assignments for the course will be submitted, graded, and returned electronically using the Sakai system. There are three primary ways that you can upload your lab assignments:

  1. If they were done on the system, you can start a web browser on the system and go from there.
  2. If they were done on the system, you can mount your CIFS drive on your own computer and go from there.
  3. If they were done on your own computer, you can start a web browser on your own computer and go from there.

The following sections will describe the process of getting to the point of being able to upload your labs in all three cases, after which the process will be the same for all three cases.

Getting Ready

Using the system

If your documents were created on the system, among the easier ways to use Sakai will be to use a browser from the system. The steps are:

  • Log in to in such a way that you can see graphics. Typically this means using MobaXterm for a Windows machine or the terminal program of XQuartz. See the Working from home page for details on that.
  • Use the cd command to navigate to the appropriate folder.
  • Start the FireFox browser by typing firefox & at the command prompt.

Mounting your CIFS drive on your own computer

If you would prefer to access your files from your own computer directly, you can mount your CIFS drive on your computer. See

Once the folder has been mounted, start whatever web browser you like on your own computer.

Files on your own computer

Start whatever browser you like on your own computer

Uploading Files

Once you have a browser open and it has access to the files you need, go to

and log in. You will then click the tab for whichever class is appropriate. There are two main ways documents will be turned in - through an Assignment or through the Drop-Box.


Most of the time, you will be uploading your work through a particular post in the Assignments link. Once you have navigated to the appropriate class page on Sakai, look at the left and click on the Assignments tab. There may be multiple assignments open at once, so be sure to go to the correct one.

To attach files, simply go to the Attachments section of the page and choose the file or files you need to upload. When you have attached all the files, you should Preview the submission to make sure that all the files have been attached and that they are the right files. You are responsible for making sure you turn in the correct material! We can only grade what you give us. If everything is correct, you can then Submit the assignment. Note that if you ever need to make changes, you can remove and reattach files up until the deadline for the assignment.


More info here when an assignment is actually coming up that will be submitted this way.

Due Date and Time

In general, the due date will be posted on the class web site. The Sakai site will stay open for one extra hour after the posted due time. That hour is not really meant for you to complete the lab but to have an opportunity to troubleshoot any submission problems. Note that any assignments submitted during this extra hour will be listed on Sakai as late -- there will not however be a penalty associated with submitting a lab during the spare hour, and we do not consider those assignments late.

If for technical reasons you are unable to submit your lab by the end of the spare hour:

  • Send an e-mail to the instructor and your TA, with the files attached, as soon as possible and,
  • Do not do any more work on the assignment. If files have been changed after the due date, then the whole assignment will be considered late and will either not be accepted or will be accepted with a major penalty.