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Here are Dr. G's regrade policies for tests / quizzes / exams (hereafter called "tests"):

  • When you get a test back, you should not make any marks on it on any pages, even those pages you are not intending to get a re-grade on. Some classes require that the entire instrument be re-graded if any part of it is, and making any changes means academic fraud. My recommendation is to take sticky notes and put them on the paper if you want to annotate your test, or write notes on a separate piece of paper with references to the test.
  • The day I hand a test back, I will generally not take specific questions about individual quizzes or tests.
  • Regrade requests must be accompanied by a typed, signed cover letter stating exactly which parts of the test you believe should be regraded and why. This cover letter must also state that in seeking the re-grade, you have acted in accordance with the Duke community standard and have not made any changes to any parts of the test - even those parts you are not asking for a regrade.
  • Regrade requests must be made by the end of the second lecture period following the lecture the tests were returned. In other words, for a Monday Friday class, if tests are returned on a Friday, you have until the end of the following Friday's lecture to submit a regrade request.