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  • Sakai
    • Start with lecture section only! Then add labs in after creation to make link with Toolkits work.
  • Classes page
  • Grouper pages at OIT
    • Combine relevant sections
    • Create the CIFS space! This creates the groups
    • Link Toolkits and Sakai page
    • Batch add TAs as TAs, then instructors
  • Sakai page
  • Piazza page
    • Add TAs as a list (NetID)
    • Add student emails (NetID)
  • Pundit pages
  • Symbolic links at Classes
    • ln -s public_html/EGR103F16/LabManual/ 103

User:DukeEgr93/Sakai Startup

  • Once drop add is over
    • Reset Piazza pages
    • Lab sections