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3D CAD Design Software
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Manufacturer Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp.
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Pundit Updated 8/15/2009

SolidWorks is a 3D CAD Design software package.


Does SolidWorks REALLY take that long to start?

The first time SolidWorks is run on a particular machine, it will need to initialize several items. The startup time for this first run is approximately 7 minutes. Fortunately, the second time SolidWorks is run it will only take about one minute.

Where should I save files?

If working on the PCs in Fitzpatrick B209, you can use the AFS Client to get access to your AFS drive directly from the PC. Basically, this mounts your OIT-provided AFS drive on the PC. That way, your files will be saved centrally and will be accessible from any machine that has access to the AFS space. For machines that do not have access, you can get and put your files between AFS and the machine you are on using a file transfer client, such as SSH Secure File Transfer Client, FSecure, PSFTP, Fugu, or any of several other programs.

Can I access SolidWorks Remotely?

Yes - using a Virtual Computer Lab, you can access SolidWorks. The process beings the same whether you are on a Windows machine, a Mac, or Linux - go to [1], make a new reservation, and pick the SolidWorks image from the dropdown list. Pick the longest time you can reserve a session - note that your session will expire without obvious warning, so be sure to save your files early and often. Once you have a Connect! button, click it.

Windows and Mac

Click the Get RDP File button and then use whatever built-in program your Windows or Mac wants to run it.


Note the IP address of your connection, then go into a terminal and type

rdesktop -g 90% -r disk:oit=/winhomes/NETID -u "win\NETID" IPADDRESS &

where NETID is your NET ID (in both places) and IPADDRESS is the address of the connection you have been given for SolidWorks. Click the user button that then enter your password. The options are as follows

  • -g 90% makes the virtual window 90% the size of the actual window
  • -r disk:oit=/winhomes/NETID mounts your ~ directory on the virtual machine
  • -u "win\NETID" the user
  • IPADDRESS gives the address for the virtual amchine and
  • & runs this in the background so the terminal window still responds.


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