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B209 Fitzpatrick is a computer lab used by EGR 103, EGR 224, ECE 382, ME 321, and occasionally ME 344, ME 421 and ME 422.


  • 48 networked Windows computers with WIN domain credential logins split up into 24 lab benches
  • 1 instructor station Windows 8.1 - equipped with a SMART Sympodium
  • Projection system with screen
  • WolfVision document camera
  • 25 National Instruments NI PCI 6014e or NI PCI 6221 cards (one at instructor station, one per lab bench)
  • 20 Circuit Specialists PBB 272 powered breadboards
  • 20 Circuit Specialists MS8264 digital multimeters

Using the PCs to Run Unix Programs Remotely

Here is the somewhat long-form of the log-in procedure:

  1. Pick a PC
  2. Log in using your OIT WIN credentials
  3. Start MobaXterm
  4. Type
     ssh -XY
    where NETID is your NET ID in lower case.
  5. Type your password when asked - if it gives a warning about a .Xauth file, that's probably fine...
  6. At the prompt, type
    xeyes &
    to start the xeyes program. You can minimize the program, but you should keep it running to keep your session from timing out.

Problems Logging In or Running Programs

  • If your password doesn't work or matlab "doesn't exist,"
    close MobaXterm, re-open it, and try to connect again.


Partial list:

Specifically for EGR 103

As of Fall, 2016:

  • Acrobat reader
  • ePrint
  • MATLAB with toolboxes (esp. Simulink, data acquisition, controls)
    • Be sure shortcut has "Start In" of C:\Documents and Settings\mrglocal\My Documents\MATLAB
  • Microsoft Office
  • National Instruments Measurements and drivers
  • National Instruments LabVIEW (as of Fall 2010)
  • MobaXterm
  • SSH (including file transfer)

Other courses

  • Logisim (EGR 224)
  • Maple (ECE 381, EGR 224, ME 344)
  • SolidWorks (ME 321, ME 421, ME 422)

Instructor Station

The instructor station includes several extra pieces of software. This includes:

  • Software for document camera
  • SMART Sympodium drivers
  • SMART Notebook

Tech Notes

  • After installing a new version of MATLAB 32-bit, be sure to:
    • Right-click and run as administrator
    • daqregister('nidaq')


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