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There are several different options for printing files created in UNIX. Generally, the easiest ways will be to use whatever print option is available for that file type while connected to the UNIX system. When given an option, use the "lp0" printer name - that will send items to the ePrint queue. You can then swipe your Duke card at a handy ePrint station and you are good to go. Sometimes, however, you may want another option.

Printing from "Home"

Home is in quotes above since this really means printing from the computer you are working at to an attached printer. For LaTeX files, the easiest method may be the following:

  • In the okular program, when you select the printer, instead of choosing the "lp0" option, choose instead to create a PDF file.
  • Download some kind of file transfer program. PuTTY comes with one called PSFTP, for example. SSH comes with a file transfer program as well. For the Mac OS, you can use Fugu or MacSFTP Carbon. There are other options, too (Duke has FileZilla listed for both Mac and PC). Basically, that program will allow you to send files back and forth between your computer and your oit account.
  • Run the program and connect to an OIT machine (for example, Most of these programs will have two windows - one showing a location on your local machine and one showing your OIT account. Navigate the OIT one to where you just created the PDF file, then navigate the local side to a place you'll remember you put the file. The desktop is certainly a good choice if you are planning to just print and delete.
  • Drag the file from the OIT page to the local folder. With some programs, you can actually just drag the file off the file transfer page and drop it right on the desktop. Perhaps I should have mentioned that earlier...
  • Double-click the file on your local machine. You should have the PDF file reader, because, who doesn't? But in case not, you can get it from Adobe.
  • Print, selecting your own printer.

For other types of files, if there is a "Print to PDF" option the above should work as well. If not, you may need to install software on your computer to read certain kinds of files - in which case, transfer the original file from OIT to your computer and open it with the new software.

Troubleshooting ePrint

If you *know* you printing something correctly to the ePrint queue and it just isn't showing up on the list when you swipe your card, it may be that the particular OIT machine you are on has stalled its local printer queue. Best way to check is to type lpq - if a lot of files show up on the list, that machine is not currently able to print, and you will need to go to a different machine.


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