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X-based Schematic Drawing and Labeling
Version 3.4 rev 30
Manufacturer OpenCircuitDesign
Web Page XCircuit
Pundit Updated 8/14/2009

XCircuit is a Unix program for drawing circuits. It uses PostScript to load and save files, which means schematics drawn in XCircuit can be easily loaded into LaTeX documents.


Log in to a Unix station, or log in remotely with a terminal program and an X11 package (X-Win 32 for Windows, X11R6 for Macs) and type xcircuit - it's just that easy!


A tutorial is available at the OpenCircuitDesign page.


The program can make professional looking circuits (in color!) that may be imported to files using LaTeX or converted to various formats using the convert command in UNIX. For example:


Known Issues

  • In text, sometimes trying to change the text format will crash the program. Best bet is to save the circuit before formatting the text, then try formatting. A very common place this happens is in trying to make an italicized variable with a regular subscript - that is, i_{\mbox{a}} instead of i_a. Usually, you start with italics, then move one character forward to make the subscript, then normalscript the a. The last step is the one that occasionally causes issues.

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