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About Me

My name is Rob Smith, and I am from Columbia, South Carolina. I am a prospective ME, and I intend to minor in theater studies. I am in Speak of the Devil, on the club Golf and Ski teams, and I was a baby builder this august in pBUILD.


I enjoy fishing, skiing, golfing, singing, writing music, building machines, designing impossible machines, sleeping, and using serial commas.

Grand Challenges for Engineering

When looking at the Grand Challenges for Engineering I noticed toward the bottom of the list was "Advance Personalized Learning." see Advance Personalized Learning, National Academy of Engineering, updated fall 2010, accessed 10 September 2012 (Grand Challenges)

I was immediately reminded of a video that was shown at the simultaneous unveiling of OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6 this summer at the WWDC. The video was essentially Apple propaganda (which I readily gobbled up) about how the iPad and iPod were helping to personalize learning especially in developing countries and among the autistic. I decided, for all of you Jobs haters that repost "the importance of Dennis (Ritchie)" on imgur all day long, that I would post the following link that shows how Steve Jobs made a difference in someone's life, even if he would never have gotten there without "C" and "UNIX." Autism Community sees Promise in iPad Apps, Lyanne Melendez, ABC Network, published 30 September 2011, accessed 9 September 2012 (iPad)

Favorite MATLAB demo

I actually really enjoyed the demo on editing axes. Of the demos that I read/watched, this one was the one that I have been able to apply the quickest. I learned commands such as "xlabel" which helped me with the plots from this week's lab. As well as being helpful, it ended up being a nice segue into how 3D graphics were manipulated and labelled, and how multiple 3D data sets could be displayed.