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About Me

My name is Petek Sener and I was born in Turkey. I have lived in Istanbul my entire life. I am a first year student in Pratt. I am a female, just to let you know if you could not figure that out from my name.

Pronounciation Of Name

It is hard to explain how my name is pronounced but I wil give it my best shot. It is very similar to Pea-tec.


I love fencing! Unfortunately I had to take a break in my senior year of high school because it was getting harder to keep up with all the college applications. Another interest of mine is LOTR; I like both the books and the movies.

Grand Challenges For Engineering

When I was looking at the topics, the one that intrigued me the most was 'reverse-engineering the brain'.

A Neuroscientist's Quest to Reverse Engineer the Human Brain, Gareth Cook, Scientific American, updated 20 March 2012, accessed 6 September 2014

MATLAB Demonstration

My favorite MATLAB demonstration was the 3-D plots in the graphics section. I really enjoyed the different colors and the wave-like shape of the plot. Also it is cool that a plot can be 3-D. I thought the 2-D plot was mundane.