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About Me

I am a freshman at Duke University studying Biomedical Engineering. I hear the workload starts to get overwhelming after the first two weeks. It is already overwhelming and we are just entering week three--I can hardly wait. I like to eat lots of food. Lots and lots of food.

Course Work

    • 1st semester:
      • EGR53
      • CHEM31
      • WRITING20 (Coming of Age at Duke)
      • MATH103

Name Pronunciation (apologies to Dr. G for the lack of originality)

Matthew Lu --- "ma-thew lew"

Chinese name: Lu Shen Xing --- "lew shun shing"

Recent Realizations

  • I got a bike from The Outpost and it's been a blast. It takes 8-10 minutes to get from East/West (which is faster than the C1) and it ensures at least 16 minutes of exercise a day---just what the doctors prescribed!
  • Marketplace is another scheme for stealing all our least the food is good. We'll see if that changes in a month or two.
  • I have bags underneath my eyes!

Favorite Matlab Demo

I enjoyed looking through the "Other Demos" section. I really enjoyed playing the MineSweeper demo---I had 3 bombs left to sweep and then I lost...Apparently you never have to guess in that game, but I haven't figured out the logic behind it yet. I enjoyed this demo because it was a good use of 5 minutes and it was nice to take a break from work and play a short game of minesweeper.

UPDATE: I was feeling quite unsettled and unfulfilled after losing with just 3 more bombs to sweep, so I went back to take on the minefield again and was victorious. Now I can get back to work!

Grand Challenges for Engineering Articles (apologies once again to Dr. G for the lack of originality)


I have none yet...but I should work on creating one. I'll go with the default for now:

Mll36 15:57, 18 September 2011 (EDT)-- Default signature produced by 4 tilda symbols!

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