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About Me

My name is Mark Lowenfeld Steelman and I am a current freshman at Duke University pursuing a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Energy Engineering.

Current Courses

At the moment I am taking these four courses for my Fall 2015 Semester:

  • EGR103: Computational Methods in Engineering
  • CHEM101: Core Concepts in Chemistry
  • MATH212: Multivariable Calculus
  • POLISCI145: Intro to Political Economy

My Clubs

  • Ski Club
  • Duke Electric Vehicle
  • Duke Motorsports

Instruments I Play

  • Alto Saxophone
  • Tenor Saxophone
  • Drums
  • Guitar

Grand Challenges for Engineering

I found this cool article on the future of solar energy:

How To Make Solar Energy Super Efficient, Louis Bergeron, Futurity, updated 26 August 2010, accessed 21 September 2015 (Make Solar Energy Economical)

Matlab Demonstrations

After going through a number of the Matlab demonstrations available through Matlab's built in help function, I learned about a lot of really cool stuff about built in functions of matlab that I had no idea existed. My favorite demonstration was definitely the graphics demonstrations, specifically the ones pertaining to 3D plots and surfaces. I was surprised to find out how easy it is to produce some really cool 3D graphs, because all you really need to do is look up some cool function online and set it equal to z (or whatever variable) and plot that. This particularly sparked my interested because I'm currently taking multivariable calculus and this function of matlab provides a way of seeing these functions that I'm learning in class and being able to represent them in a much better way than my poor handwriting in a notebook. Plus, the variety of aesthetic features like the coloring and shading makes it even more enjoyable.