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About me

I am a student at Duke University, planning to study Biomedical Engineering.


I enjoy playing acoustic/bass guitar, eating good food, and producing techno beats. You can listen to some of my music on newgrounds. I produce mainly dubstep and techno with a classical mix.


I am currently enrolled in:


  • I believe everyone has something they are passionate about.
  • I believe that everyone has something to teach me, regardless of age, gender, culture, race, intelligence, or profession.
  • I am Christian.
  • The universe is much too intricate and magnificent for it to have occurred by chance.
  • People are much too fascinating and complex to simply be another common phenomenon.

Engineering Grand Challenges

Two Large Solar Plants Planned in California, Matthew L. Wald, New York Times, last updated 16 August 2008, accessed 9 September 2012 (Making Solar Energy Economical)


2-D plot is my favorite because it is most practical in everyday use. It demonstrated how to plot:

  • a line graph based on independent and dependent variables
  • a bar graph/histogram
  • a step function
  • error bars
  • graphs in polar coordinates
  • a scatterplot