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About Me

I am a freshman at Duke University in the Pratt School of Engineering, planning to major in biomedical engineering and minor in French.

Current Courses

I am currently taking EGR 103, Chemistry 101, Math 111, and French 204.


This year, I plan to be involved with SWE, NSBE, and the hip hop dance group StreetMed.

Grand Challenges

This article discusses the shift in medicine from a linear, "one size fits all" approach to medicine, to a revolutionary process of personalized medical care. Still in its early stages, this article outlines the steps that need to be taken to ensure that this change can be applied to everyone affected by health care. Personalized medicine involves molecular diagnosis that will then determine the prognosis and from there, an indiviualized therapy will be designed. For patients, this will provide an overall better health care system with "Higher probability of desired outcome with a drug, low probability of untoward side effects, preventive strategies, focused therapies, [and] reduced costs." With clear cut benefits for patients, health care providers, and industry, once technology is advanced enough to surpass the current challenges with personalized medicine, it will be an integrated part of everyday life.

Personalized medicine: revolutionizing drug discovery and patient care, Geoffrey S. Ginsburg & Jeanette J. McCarthy, TRENDS in Biotechnology, created December 2001, accessed 13 September 2014 (Engineer Better Medicines)

MATLAB Demonstrations

The Loma Prieta Earthquake demonstration was the most interesting to me. In this demonstration, I was able to see how MATLAB and its functions can have real life applications. It was interesting to see how MATLAB functions can be used to plot data that will show us the acceleration in different directions, velocity, trajectory, etc. Combining different MATLAB skills to keep track of useful data is the reason why it is important now to learn the basics and build upon it until I too can use it for important calculations and graphs.