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Personal Information

Name: Ian Grimes

Intended Major: Environmental Engineering

Hometown: Westport, Connecticut


Current Club(s): Men's Volleyball

Free Time Activity: Hanging out with friends, and meticulously refining my ping pong skills

Grand Challenges for Engineering Article

Nanowires May Boost Solar Cell Efficiency,Clint J. Novotny, USCD Jacobs School of Engineering, published on February 2nd 2008, accessed September 14 2014 (Make Solar Energy Economical)

Favorite Demonstration (Assignment 2)

My favorite Matlab demonstration was Earth's Topography because it appeared to use very little code to create complete map of our world. I was also fascinated how it was able to account for day and night, and include topographical data. But the icing on the metaphorical cake was the fact that I was able to zoom in, zoom out and rotate the globe with a relatively fast response rate. I'd much rather interact with the Earth demonstration than change the color of data plots (even if they were 3-D).