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About Me

I am a student at Duke University. I live in India but was born in Canada and lived much of my life in Boston. I'm a big sports fan and I love watching television.

Special Talents

I am able to to whistle. I can catch grapes with my mouth.


It can be pronounced GOO-han Moo-Roo-GAHn-NAHn-Dum.

Grand Challenges of Engineering

LifeStraw Saves Those Without Access to Clean Drinking Water, Jascha Hoffman, Published September 26 2011, Accessed September 14 2014 (Provide Access to Clean Water)


My favorite demonstration was the Matrix Manipulation one. This was particularly helpful because of the way the help page is able to convey the information in an articulate, easy-to-process way. Also for me, I kept forgetting the differences within the types of matrix manipulation, so this was quite useful.