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Geena's wonderful hand.

About Me

I am a freshman at Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering studying Civil Engineering, and I hope to major in civil engineering and earn a certificate in architectural engineering.


I was born in Jacksonville, FL but have spent most of my life living in North Carolina. I'm a first-generation Cuban-American.


  • My favorite food is chocolate cake.
  • My favorite animal is an iguana, but if I could have a pet I definitely would choose a pug.
  • My favorite number is 27 (go Teer 27!)


  • Piano
  • Dancing
  • Eating
  • Thinking about designing bridges

Grand Challenges for Engineering Article

Engineering Clean Water, Wendy Dewolf, Yale Scientific , updated April 3 2011, accessed September 12 2014

Favorite Demo

The demo for the 3-D Surface Plots was my favorite because it allowed me to see the same 3-D shape through different plot types and I could see how the many kinds of surfaces could have distinct applications within a certain field. Viewing the shape through each of the types of plots available gave more information on the shapes, which seemed like a very useful tool for the future when analyzing surfaces.