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About Me

I am a senior neuroscience major and education minor at Duke University.

Name Pronunciation

My first name, Ege, is pronounced like reggae music without the r. I come from Istanbul, Turkey, and in Turkish, Ege means the Aegean Sea.

Courses I Am Taking This Semester

  • Computer Methods in Engineering (EGR103L)
  • Educational Psychology (EDUC240)
  • Intermediate German I (GERMAN203)
  • Functional Neuroanatomy (NEUROSCI380L)

Grand Challenges For Engineering Articles

Here is the article I chose from the Grand Challenges for Engineering Pundit Page:

  • Reverse Engineering The Brain, Sally Adee, IEE Spectrum, updated 1 June 2008, accessed 15 September 2014 (Grand Challenge: Reverse-engineer the brain)

Favorite MATLAB Demo

I really enjoyed seeing the 3D plot of the globe pop up when I ran the code for the demo called Earth's Topography. When I was looking over the code, I was fascinated by how simple it was to adjust the perceived lighting on different parts of the image by using the light function, in which you can input x, y, z coordinates as well as a matrix that specifies color/tint. It was also nice to be able to decipher the code; for instance, I was able to identify the hold on and off commands that we learned for graphs being applied to images.


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