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About Me

I am a Duke student in the class of 2018, currently studying Mechanical Engineering. I was born October 24th, 1994 making me quite old for my grade. I was born in Warrenton, Virginia. I moved with my family to the suburbs of Washington D.C. soon after, and I stayed there through middle school. I then moved to Vienna, Austria with my parents due to my father's job, where I stayed for two years. I then went to boarding school in Southborough, Ma. for three years, repeating my sophomore year, and now I'm here.

Name Pronunciation

Walker Eacho: Walker as in someone who walks, Eacho pronounced like Eco-system with a long E. Eek!-Oh...

Favorite MATLAB Demo

While it may not have been the coolest, the 3-D Plots demo was definitely my favorite. As I'm taking Math 212 and we are coming off our unit on graphing 3D curves, being able to have a program to visualize those plots with is extremely useful, and will be able to train my brain to visualize planes, lines, and curves in 3 dimensions. Also I think pretty colors on pictures are fun.

Current Courses

I'm currently taking:

  • EGR 103: Computational Methods in Engineering
  • MATH 212: Multivariable Calculus
  • PS 160D: Introduction to International Relations: Security, Peace, and Conflict
  • WRITING 101: American Wild


I'm on the Moot Court team, Sailing team, and I help out with FRC Team 900 at NCSSM. Beyond this I try to finish all my homework on time.

Grand Challenges for Engineering Articles


I am borrowing/stealing this segment from Dr. G's page and changing it to match my name! Thanks Dr. G! I borrowed / stole...well - it's all GFDL so, copied my signature (as of 8/5/06) from a user on Wikipedia with a handle of aeropagitica. Thank You! Here's the code, for the truly bored:

<div></div><span style="border:1px solid #00a;padding:1px;">[[User:dwe8|<font style="color:#ddd;background:#00a;">''' dwe8 '''</font>]]  [[User_Talk:dwe8|<font style="color:#00a;background:#fff;">'''T'''</font>]] / [[Special:Contributions/dwe8|<font style="color:#00a;background:#fff;">'''C'''</font>]] </span>
 dwe8   T / C  23:02, 5 August 2006 (MDT)

Or the standard: Dwe8 (talk) 13:11, 14 September 2014 (EDT)