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EGR 224 is a required course for all students planning to earn a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Degree with the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Material Science at Duke University. It can also be taken as an elective by students in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department who want their out-of-depertment course to focus on electronics, signal processing, and sensing. This page is meant to provide answers to general questions about the course, not necessarily specific questions about content. There is also a Category:EGR 224 that will list all pages relevant to EGR 224. Note at the bottom of this page that it is a member of that category.

Students in EGR 224 may also want to check out the Welcome Back page.

Support Pages for Spring 2011

  • See Category:EGR 224
  • Homework
  • Labs
    • Lab 1 - Solving Circuit Equations Using xMaple - Maple
    • Lab 2 - Electrical Circuits and Measurements - MS8264, PBB 272, Resistor Color Codes
      • Note - due to some disappearances in the lab, the directions for the changed with respect to the color of the patch cables you are using. If you printed out the lab before 10PM on Monday, you will need to make the changes below; otherwise, the "new" version has the changes already... For the old version, in the Equipment section, this means that there will be a total of FIVE cables, not six:
        • Black, Red, and Yellow connected to PBB Ground, +15, and -15 already
        • Green and White in the toolbox. Use the Green cable in place of the Red cable that attached to the red lead on the multimeter and use the White cable in place of the Black cable that attached to the black lead on the multimeter.
        • Other places this comes into play are
          • 2.1 second paragraph
          • First, third, and fifth paragraph on page 2-3
    • Lab 3 - Solving Circuits with Capacitors - Maple
    • Lab 4 - RC Circuits and Filtering - RC Lab notes and pictures
    • Lab 5 - Operational Amplifiers - Operational Amplifiers


None Yet


  • Wikipedia page on Cramer's Rule; includes demos for two and three variable systems.


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