EGR 224/Electrical Circuits and Measurements Lab

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Typographical Errors / Clarifications

  • If your multimeter has a low battery or will not turn on, let Dr. G know.
  • Because of the imbalanced lab sizes, there are not enough of manual-range digital multimeter (MS 8264) to go around. As a result, some groups will instead be using an auto-ranging HH 2205D. These are distinguished by noting the bright orange container in which they are packaged.

    For these, instead of dialing in a range, you only need to dial in the type of measurement to take. For example, to measure DC Voltage, be sure the black and red probe leads are in the COM and CAP ports, respectively, then turn the dial to DC V. The device itself will automatically determine the best range for measuring the voltage. You will need to give the multimeter a few seconds to figure out the best range before taking a reading.