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For lab assignments in EGR 103 this semester, you will be uploading a PDF of your lab report to Sakai. The process is detailed below relative to Lab 1.

Create a PDF

The easiest way to create a PDF is to convert your dvi file to a pdf file. Once you are sure your lab is what you want it to be, simply type

dvipdf lab1.dvi

in UNIX. It will create a lab1.pdf file for you that you can now upload.

Upload the File

Next you need to start a browser and upload the file. To start a browser in Unix, type

firefox &

Putting in the Sakai URL should make the browser go straight to that page instead of the splash page.

Troubleshooting Firefox

  • If firefox seems to hang up and you cannot type in it or close the window, go to your browser and type
Find the number to the left of the firefox process, then, in your browser, type
kill -KILL TheNumber
where TheNumber is...the number of the firefox process.
  • If, when firefox comes up, the ability to manipulate windows goes away (i.e. the top bar of all the windows seems to have gone away)
    • First, make sure you have saved anything in an open window!
    • Second, at the top right of the MobaXterm window, there is a green X for X-Server; click it. Confirm it is OK to turn the X-Server off. All the open windows will close.
    • Click the X-Server icon again and wait for it to turn green. You should then be able to run any graphics commands and have them show up properly.

Using Firefox

Within the browser, go to and log in. Go to the pages for EGR.103L.001 or EGR.103L9.01 for this semester and then click on the Assignments button. Select the appropriate assignment. In the window that comes up, scroll down to the Attachments part and the Choose File. You will need to navigate to


where NetID is your NetID and labX is the lab for that week.

Note: You are responsible for then clicking on the PDF file that you uploaded to make sure everything that is supposed to be there is there. That includes all graphs and such. During the first couple labs, you will be given the opportunity to resubmit if we can conclusively determine that your lab was completed on time but simply uploaded wrong. After that, however, whatever you upload is what will be graded.

Submitting a New Version

If you need to submit a different version of your document (perhaps you updated it, or you uploaded the wrong kind of file) you can do that up until the submission deadline. The process for that is similar to uploading your file:

  • Make sure the file you want to upload exists
  • Start Firefox, go to Sakai, log in, pick the class, pick the assignments list, pick the assignment
  • In the list under Attachments, click the Remove link next to the version of the assignment you no longer wish to submit
  • Choose the new file you would like to upload in its place
  • Be sure to actually Resubmit the new work