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This page will be used to keep track of the commands and major concepts for each lab in EGR 103. It is very much a draft and work in progress!

  • Lab 1
    • Unix commands: pwd, cd, ls, mkdir, wget, tar, cp, latex, dvipdf, evince, xeyes
    • Other concepts: MobaXterm, XQuartz, ssh
    • Windows permissions were covered, but were only needed during this one lab
  • Lab 2
    • MATLAB commands: clear, format, load, polyfit, polyval, linspace, plot, hold, grid, print, xlabel, ylabel, title, figure, clf
    • MATLAB concepts: : operator to extract matrix information, polynomial fits
  • Lab 3
    • MATLAB commands: input, rand, randn, hist, imagesc, plot3, subplot, zlabel, colormap, save, delete, diary, loglog
    • MATLAB concepts: color printing
    • MATLAB commands shown: rng