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This page is the review sheet for Test III for ECE 382 in Spring 2010; post any questions or requests for clarification to the discussion portion of this page (see tab above).

Previous Tests

Previous ECE 382 tests are available at Dr. G's Big Box of Random.


Test III this year is part closed-book and part open-book.

Equation Sheet

There will be no equation sheet for the closed-book portion of the test. The open-book open-book. You will do the closed-book portion first and, upon turning that in, receive the open-book part.

Test III Spring 2010 Coverage

Closed Book

Most likely two of these problems; given either an overall transfer function T or a plant G with unity feedback and gain control,

  • Range of stability
  • Determine appropriate system type, static error constant, and steady-state error
  • Root locus sketch including real axis portions, center of asymptote, asymptotes, imaginary axis crossing and gain, estimates of break-in/out

Open Book / Computer

Main reference for this part is HW 9. Given an overall transfer function T or a "typical configuration" closed loop control system, possibly including an input transducer, output transducer, controller, and plant,

  • Range of stability potentially using Maple with Routh
  • Root locus using SISOtool
  • Design for one criterion using gain control (Ts, Tp, %OS, ess) (i.e. Chapter 8)
  • Design PI or lag control to correct steady state error
  • Design PD or lead control to correct transient behavior
  • Design PID or lag-lead (+ op-amp) both

Specifically Not On The Test

  • Mason's Rule / System Simplification
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